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Umbria winter Jazz Festival


Umbria Jazz will be staged in Orvieto, as every year since 1993.

Five days of quality music, with the added bonus of a unique setting: the historic center of one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of Umbria. A show comitted to jazz, with concerts for jazz lovers and to satisfy the many spectators who every year flock to the rock of Orvieto. Many genres will be performed, including jazz, blues, gospel and soul. The music will be playing without end throughout the night. The concerts are held at the Teatro Mancinelli, inaugurated in 1886, summary of the main architectural features of Orvieto, at the People's Palace, built in basaltic tuff and described the first time in the thirteenth century, the Palazzo dei Sette, built at the turn of three hundred, characterized by vaults and massive arches and flanked by valuable Pope's Tower. A great time and place to enjoy Jazz!


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Sorry, Nothing Here!


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Trasimeno a Tavola

Around lake Trasimeno

A great dining experience, in which you can visit restaraunts around the lake and have a great dining experience. You will be served amzing locl dishes and excellent italian cuisine.


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mercatino Antiquariato

Castiglion del Lago

A small antique fair in Castioglione del lago where you can find some great pieces of italina history and culture. 

Settimana Enologica


A great wine tasting event and experience. Tasting of the great wines produced in monteflaco. 


Anker 5
Qualita trasimeno

Citta della Pieve

A festival with food, wine and various activities to get a real umbrian experience.


Anker 6
Qualita trasimeno

Castiglion del Lago

A festival with food, wine and various activities to get a real umbrian experience.

Infiorata di San Luigi

Citta della Pieve

A festival in which beautiful flower paintings are made on the streets of citta della pieve. 


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Sagra dei Fagoli y della Torre

Castiglion Fosco

A festival of a local italian bean (Fagoli) and of the historic tower in the historic village. It is possible to go to the summit of the tower and there are various stalls and a place to eat some great umbrian food.

Palio della Barche

Passignano sul Trasimeno

A festival or competition between the four regions in this town, in which they rush to the beach on the lake with their boats and row to the finsih line. In the festival there is also food and music to enjoy.


Anker 8
Trasimeno Blues


A joyful and engaging atmosphere of Blues in the area surrounding lake Trasimeno, in Umbria, with an extraordinary experience. The festival has now been going for 20 years. The caravan of Blues, on a journey from the Mississippi to Mali, arrives in charming villages around the lake, with concerts from dusk to dawn and a series of events such as exhibitions, competitions and workshops. The Trasimeno Blues festival goes through all the villages of the area, from Castiglione del Lago in Passignano, Magione Paciano, up to Città della Pieve, Tuoro, Panicale and Piegaro.

Palio dei Terzieri

Citta della Pieve

A medeival festival stretched over a little more than a week, which embraces the medeival pas the town posseses. With several activities such as archery, crossbowshooting and much more, as well as a medeival style market selling all sorts of medeival and local products. Finally the celebration ends with a large procession, in which all sorts of noble, knights and more parade through the street. Truly a festival that cannot be missed.

Mostra Mercato

Castiglion Fosco

A market with all kind of artisan stalls in the beautiful medeival village of Castiglion Fosco.

Sagra del Tartufo


A festival celebrating truffle. There is truffle tasting and various stalls selling all sorts of umbrian truffle products. 

I giorni del Vetro


A festival in the beautiful village of piegaro at the historic glass making factory and now museum. The building was used long ago to make glass and now serves as a museum of glassmaking. In the festival you can take a tour through the museum and watch how glass is made as well as by ahndmade glass products.

Festa della Pannochia


A festival celebrating the corn harvest. Here you can drink and wine and of course try the great corn grown here.


Anker 9
Festa dell'Uva


A festival celebrating the harvest of the grapes. You can watch them bring in the harvest and process it as well as taste the various wines produced in the region.

Festa dell'Uva


A festival celebrating the harvest of the grapes. You can watch them bring in the harvest and process it as well as taste the various wines produced in the region.


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Sagra della Castagna


A festival celebrating the great wild chesnuts from the forests in the region. You can try and buy these delicous chestnuts at this festival.

Mostra del Tartufo Bianco


A festival celebrating the delicacy of the white truffle. It holds tastings of the truffle and stalls that sell products containing the delicious white truffle.

Sagra del Bosco


A festival celebrating all the great things and products that come from the woods of Umbria. This includes truffle and wild chestnuts and more. There are tastings of all of the products and stalls selling products containing the truffles, chestnuts and more.


Anker 11
Mercato del Tartufo

Citta di Castello

A market that holds stalls, which sell truffles and other products from the forest and products containing these products. This includes various meat, wild chestnut, truffles and more.

Sagra del Vino e della Castagna


A festival to celebrat the wild chestnuts and great wines in Umbria. There are several tasteries as well as stalls selling wines and wild chesnuts.

Mostra Mercato del Tartufo


The National Exhibition of the Truffle and Typical Products takes place every year over the last two weekends of November and includes a rich variety of exhibition stands of the Truffle of Valtopina, Umbria and Italy with an interesting section dedicated to foreign products. The major event, since 1981, offers a series of initiatives including itineraries led by expert truffle tastings with tasty combinations of the famous truffle, oil and wine. An event with the theme "all truffle" to enjoy the wonderful and famous local products.


Anker 12
Soul Christmas

Around Lago trasimeno

A festival with Gospel, Jazz and Soul live music, which runs in the evenings all the way through the night. Great live music and a great experience with a whole lot of spectators who come every year. A great musical experience at the lovely setting of lago trasimeno. 

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