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Parco del sole


A large naturale park, containing varieties of animals native or previously native to Umbria. Most of the animals roam around freely and can be seen in all their glory. It is quite a long walk with nowhere to purchase refreshments, so it might be best to bring drinks beforehand. The Park is a beautiful, natural area to see most of the animals that can be seen in the region, with stunning animals and beatiful nature.

Marmore Waterfalls


Spectacular man made waterfalls, that can be closed and opened (therefore, do check the opening times because a visit is especially interesting when the falls have water in them). The  Waaterfalls were made by the Romans, making it even more impressive and they date back over a thousand years. The waterfalls have a combined drop of 165 meters. One can walk along the falls down a safe trail. 

Foresta Fossile


The "Fossil Forest" is a spectacular site of 2 to 3 million year old trees that were discovered in the late 20th century. There are about 50 trees each dating back to the "Piliocene" Period. The trees were preserved in clay and were therefore discovered in a clay reserve that was used for construction. The trees are an ancient species of giant conifers that used to grow in this region. The preservation of the trees is truly remarkable and it is a spectacular site to see.

The "Grote di Frasassi"


These caves are truly spectacular. The Route taken through the caves takes about 75 minutes. Other than the easy, main path, the caves also offer an adventuristic trail, which includes climbing and crawling through the caves. The trail is suitable for everyone but adds a bit more adventure to the trip. This more adventurous trail takes about two hours. Finally there is a harder trail, which takes about three hours. Although being spectacular the trail is recommended for real adventurers with prior experience.

'le pietre del drago'


This dinosaur Park is a great attraction for those with kids. The park contains life sized dinosaurs and areas for children to play. The Park is also extremely close to the "Grote di Frasassi".

Citta' della Domenica

Ferro di Cavallo

The "Citta' della Domenica" is a combination of an amusement park and a zoo. The park is a great attraction for children and families. It is one of first amusement parks in Italy. The attractions include various pens with animals, various activities, such as bumper cars, and recreations of fairy tale buildings.

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