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Sport and Outdoor

Activo Park

Sant' Anatolia di Narco 

Spend time in the outdoors, climbing amongst the tree tops and rafting in the creeks of Umbra. This adventure park offers a range of activities, including climbing, rafting, archery and a lot of other outdoor sports and activities.   

Rafting in Norcia


Participate in a great experience of rafting, that can be done with the entire family. The intensity of the rafting depends on the season. In the summer the rafting route has its rough points but is mostly quite calm, however in the spring the rafting is much more intense. The rafting is incredibly enjoyable throughout the entire year however.


Trackfire Circuit - Andrea Antonelli


This new Go karting track is great fun. It is a fun activity for the whole family. The Go Karts are electric and can be set from a computer to a max speed. For younger ages and for those willing to take it easy the speed can be lower, but if you really want to go fast, these karts can reach incredibly fast speeds. The track is fun and incorporates many tricky turns as well as longer stretches. A great choice for a day out.

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